Medical lasers repair

Medical lasers repair.

Repair of medical electronics. Manufacturing of medical devices Dear visitors, due to the variety of equipment, all the necessary repairs are evaluated on the spot during the fault diagnosis, the price of repairs is negotiated and agreed with the customer.

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Medical Equipment Repair Services List:

X-ray Equipment etc.
Panoramic X-ray Systems etc.
MRI Scanners etc.
CT Scanners etc.
Micro CT Scanners etc.
PET Scanners etc.
X-ray Scanners etc.
Medical Ventilators etc.
Oxygen Concentrators etc.
Vital Signs Monitors etc.
Ultrasound Medical Equipment etc.
Resuscitation Equipment etc.
Medical Laser Equipment etc.
Surgical Lasers Equipment etc.
Dental X-ray Equipment etc.
Dental CT Scanners etc.
Dental MRI, CT, Micro CT and X-ray Scanners etc.
Dental Panoramic X-ray Systems etc.
UV Disinfection's Machines etc.
DNA Testing Laboratory Equipment etc.
Medical Electronic Equipment.