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RGVP or Optune NovoTTF-100A.  Treatment by vortex fields.

RGVP or Optune Novo TTF-100A.

Brain Cancer Treatment RGVP.

Primary brain tumors originate in the brain and occur as the result of abnormal changes to brain cells, known as mutations. There are over 150 different brain tumour types, each named after the type of cell they grow from. RGVP accelerates the treatment of all types of brain cancer.

Treatment by vortex fields.

Treatment by vortex fields. Last Russian research of natural spin processes in space and living matter gave the basic theory of dynamics. So, it became possible to understand widely this phenomenon and create unique devices that control all transformations in living matters and matters of the universe, amplifying devices or stopping the conversion processes.

In medicine, understanding of the vortex dynamics processes gave an opportunity by a new, quite unusual, sometimes even ridiculous from the outside, to see the logic of the functioning of the body and the essence of all the diseases that occur in it.

It became possible to consciously create devices for the treatment of diseases, including cancer. One such medical devices is the resonant generator of vortex field frequency of 250-400 kHz. Resonant generator of vortex field (RGVP) snhronnym resonance current and voltage, creates a flat coil design by A. N. Mishin, the bulk coming out vortex with a given field strength. RGVP is an universal medical device partially works on the principle of Optune. This device formerly known as the Novo TTF-100A by the Novocure Israeli company, for the treatment of glioblastoma brain (Glioblastoma multiforme, GBM), antitumor fields or TTFs, as they call them developers.

Only the Russian medical device RGVP splits more effectively not only the cancer and all disease forms in the body, while not out on the normal tissues.

Advantages of RGVP compared with Optune - Novo TTF-100A by the Novocure company:

RGVP weighs 200-300 grams, instead of 1.2 kg as Optune.
RGVP applied 1 to 3 times a day for 5-30 minutes. Optune need a minimum of 18 hours a day to carry on themselves.
RGVP is much cheaper and you can buy it. Optune is given only in a hospital rent, for rent in the United States $ 15-20 per month.
RGVP splits all disease processes in the body. Optune is intended only for GBM

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