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Metal detector Fisher F2 - repair.

Metal detector Fisher F2 - repair.

Fisher F2 - Current modes.

Current modes, a list of Fisher F2 chips.

MC74HC164A, or 74HC164 - 8-bit shift register. Supply voltage 2-6V.

TLC2262A - Dual operational CMOS amplifier.

Current consumption 200mkA.
The output current is 50 mA.
Noise 12 nanovolts per hertz.

LM393 - Double open collector comparator.

HEF4053 - CMOS three channel analog signal switch.

LP2951AC - 5V Linear Voltage Regulator.

The maximum output current is 150mA.

Tolerance of 0.2 percent for a load current difference of 100 ?A - 1 mA, in the temperature range up to 150 degrees Celsius.

The tolerance for current 150mA is 0.5 percent.

The voltage drop is 0.6V at a load current of 100mA.

PIC16F886 8-bit microcontrollers with Flash memory, made by nano-watt integrated technology.

TLE2426 - Virtual Earth (midpoint for unipolar power) + 5v and -5v.

The MAX4610 is four single-pole, single-pole, analog signal switchers.

LTAFL smd component LT6233CS6 - Instrumented operational amplifier LT6233CS6 or LT6230IS6.

68Y - Protective diode, 5.8 - 70v.

Modes for direct current metal detector Fisher F2.


Relatively 4 legs (body).
1 - 9.5v.
7 - 1,2v.
8 - 18v.


Relatively 1 legs (virtual ground).
2 - "- 4.8v".
3 - "+ 4.8v".

LTAFL (U1) - LT6230IS6.

Regarding 2 and 5 legs (body).
1 - 1.5v sine wave. (Coil in the air).
6 - 9.5v. (U supply).

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