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Gold Finder GF2, Fisher F75 - no sound.

Gold Finder GF2, Fisher F75 - no sound.

Gold finder GF2 is a Teknetics T2 clone and Fisher F-75.

Teknetiks T2 has no settings memory. Manufacturer - First Texas Products (USA).

Fisher F75 has settings memory. Manufacturer - First Texas Products (USA).

Power supply of the detector 6v, 40mA, current consumption in silent mode at a voltage of less than 6v 55mA.

Base metal detector Gold Finder GF2 - microcontroller MSP430. MSP430 is a 16-bit microcontroller RISC-architecture, with developed peripherals and ultra-low power consumption by Texas Instruments.

If the sound disappeared or wheezed in the Gold finder GF2 metal detector, the main reason may be the output sound stage on the Q3 transistor, in the Sot89 package.

Q3, this is a sound amplifier, is located in an additional board marked EG1 - 94V-0. The board is located in the battery compartment. The amplifier is assembled on a powerful SMD bipolar transistor of an N-P-N structure, type ZXTN19055DZ and the like. Code marking N2.

DC transistor mode in silent mode. Q3, N2, N-P-N, Sot89.

1 - 0V.
2 - 6V.
3 - 0V.

The sound on transistor Q3 comes through the green wire of connector J3.

The shape and parameters of the signal as shown in the oscillogramm.

Gold Finder GF2, Fisher F75 - oscillogramm.

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