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Ground Stryker MX300 - squeaks at work.

Ground Stryker MX300.

The Ground EFX Stryker MX300 metal detector periodically squeaks.

A few words about the device.

Ground EFX Stryker MX300 metal detector, this is a new generation metal detector. US manufacturer. It uses a workstation microcontroller with a Cortex M3, developed in 2004. It is this modification of the core workstation that gave the name Cortex, which has become the most common brand of powerful low-cost microcontrollers. M - kernel modification designed for low-cost microcontroller devices.

Metal Detector Ground EFX Stryker MX300 is the first metal detector of the beginning model, which has a GPS navigator with GPS technology GEO-X for which allows you to store in memory up to 10 locations of finds.

Now about the false tones of the Ground EFX Stryker MX300 metal detector.

There have been cases of false alarms in the Ground MX300 metal detector.

The cause of the malfunction turned out to be a defect in the transistor switch Q3, it is a smd transistor in the Sot23 package, smd code H306.

Q3 transistor, this is an ordinary N-channel MOSFET field effect transistor.

Replacing the Q3 transistor with a 2N7002 helped solve the problem of false alarms of the Ground EFX Striker MX300 metal detector.

The validation of the transistor must begin with a check of the modes for direct current. But, even under normal conditions, you can change the transistor if there is no oscilloscope.

Q3 H306 Sot23

1 - 0V 1V sound pulses.
2 - 0V
3 - 5.62V drop to 0V at sound impulses.

Ground Stryker MX300 mainboard.

Good repairs to you!

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