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Garrett AT Pro repair - potentiometer DS3502.

Garrett AT Pro repair - potentiometer DS3502.

In metal detectors, the Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Pro Gold sometimes fail with the DS3502 Integrated Digital Potentiometer.

DS3502 it is a 7-bit non-volatile digital potentiometer with regulation voltage up to 15.5V and control via IC2 bus.

You can quickly determine the performance of the DS3502 potentiometer by measuring the DC modes on its legs.

DC modes of the DS3502 digital potentiometer.

1 pin - 3,8V.
2 pin - 0V.
3 pin - 3,9V.
4 pin - 0V.
5 pin - 0V.
6 pin - 3,8V.
7 pin - 3,8V.
8 pin - 3,9V.
9 pin - 7,8V.
10 pin - 3,8V.

Garrett AT Pro repair - DS3502.

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