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Vibra Tector - repair review.

Vibra Tector - repair review.

The main nuances of disassembly and repair.

Vibra Tector - Waterproof Pinpointer - Metal Detector.

Vibra Tector 720 - has a power button.

Vibra Tector 730 / 740 - turns on when the case is positioned coil down.

For me, the Vibra Tector 720 is much more convenient.

All Vibra Tectors models have:
The case is not folding.
To make repairs, it is necessary to saw the case.
Double-sided boards, mainly the SMD mounting.

Vibra Tectors it has main malfunctions:
Burns down the output power transistor.
Burns down the voltage regulator.
Burns down the microcontoller.

Electrical specifications.

Supply voltage 9V - one battery.
Current consumption by idle - 9mA.
Current consumption by Vibro signal - 200mA.

Coil R=1.4 ohm.
Coil L=0.03mG.
Microcontroller - PIC16C54.
Output power transistor - TIP115G.

Good repairs to you!

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