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Static Water - how to increase healing properties.

Static Water - how to increase healing properties.

The discharge of industrial effluents, dirty air, fertilizers, household chemicals, poor bacteriological conditions spoils water, makes it a carrier of all this poison to plants and organisms. In dirty water, molecules have right-handed polarization, and molecules with left-handed polarization are very few. This means that water has acquired the asymmetry of molecules. Water with the asymmetry of molecules is a building and nourishing material for cancer cells.

The symmetry of the polarization of water molecules is very well and quickly restored by the static field generator.

Even after a minute treatment of the Static device, the water becomes structured. All accumulated information is erased. Pathogenic lives die. The recommended water healing time is 5-10 minutes.

Static device - this water activator is developed of the natural properties of the resonance of static fields. Compact and very convenient to use. The device, irreplaceable for health.

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