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Electropuncture and neurotherapy - schemes, etc.

The appearance of the device for electropuncture is shown in the section: Electroacupuncture Device Point - Manufacturing.,

Electropuncture - it is electric current injection, current exposure in acupuncture points.

Neurotherapy is the influence of direct current or current pulses of a special form on internal organs and systems, according to certain algorithms. It is possible to influence organs through a current through their representative (reflex) zones, by exciting or calming their activity, regardless of the functioning of the brain. It is possible to apply current to pain zones.

Electropuncture, this is an effect on the points of the body.

Neurotherapy, this is an effect on areas of the body.

Neurotherapy, this is an effect on areas of the body.

Neurotherapy and electropuncture, (when understanding the processes), gives the best results in restoring and regenerating the body, lifts people from the grave

Here are a few schemes of electrical stimulants, of course, the best in terms of effectiveness.

Electropuncture - from simple to complicated.

Here is the simplest possible (without impairing efficiency) circuit of an electrotherapy device.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture - the simplest possible.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture - the simplest possible.

All buttons should have a click. Here, steep pulse fronts are important.

This is the most ideal scheme for a specialist. Scheme management is manual. If the doctor feels the patient, therapeutic impulses have the maximum healing effect.

If the operator is lazy, the scheme can be complicated by automating control processes, sacrificing battery life.

Here are two schemes of devices with automated control.

The following modules are added to the circuit:

Current stabilizer on a field effect transistor. With this option, the stimulation current will be the same at any supply voltage. Voltage power can be selected from 3 to 30 volts.

Module of smooth rise of current for breakdown of points. The module consists of a 5k resistor and 470uF electrolyte and a clicks button. This improvement allows punching points not by turning the handle of variable resistance, but by pressing and holding the button.

The pulse generator on the timer NE555, the power button, and the output key on the transistor KT3102. The pulse generator allows you to produce current pulses automatically - by pressing and holding the button. This module can be improved. For example, make pulse modulation, make a timer, etc.

But now the circuit will consume not 20 micro, but 20 milliamps, that is, 1000 (a thousand) times of the current.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture with current stabilizer.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture with current stabilizer.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture with a microcontroller.

Device diagram for electroacupuncture with a microcontroller.

The following modules are added to the circuit:

The key to automatically turn off the breakdown current on the KT3107 transistor. The key is controlled by the microcontroller when a current of more than 50 microamps appears at the input of the ADC.

Added a microcontroller, for example, ATTINY13, (not shown in the diagram).

The output stage of the pulse generator on the transistor KT3102.

The current sensor on the 1k resistor to which the ADC is connected.

Generator power button.

The buzzer (not shown in the diagram) is soldered to the microcontroller leg.

This device has a module for automatically breaking the breakdown current, when the operating current reaches 50 ?A, which allows you not to look at the arrow of the ammeter. At a current breakdown of an acupuncture point, protection is triggered and a short sound signal sounds. After turning on the protection, the doctor does not have the opportunity (by mistake) to use the breakdown of the acupuncture point current until the power is turned off. The shape of the pulses, modulation, frequency, duration of work, as well as any algorithms can be implemented in the microcontroller by software. The current consumption of such a device is 10 milliamps.

Attention!!! The above schemes are not intended to search for points. To work with this device, you need to know the exact location of points and meridians. You can use atlas for acupuncture and reflex zones.

The next stage of modernization is necessary for professionals, creative people and researchers. This is an accurate, stable medical - diagnostic tool.

This is a Electroacupuncture Device ELLADA 7.

Description of Device ELLADA 7, at the link: Electroacupuncture Device ELLADA 7 - Manufacturing.

In the Device Ellada 7 circuit, an adjustable current regulator, from 0.01 microamps, is added to search for acupuncture points.

You can manipulate alternating and bipolar current with rectangular and triangular pulse shapes.

The circuit has great accuracy, thermal stability and many possibilities for treatment and research. There is an infrared manipulator.

To work with the Ellada 7 device, you need to be a very good specialist with a lot of practice.

All of the stimulators listed here have a common one "Plus" electrode and workings (handling) electrodes "Minus". Because the response of the body to irritation and recovery is a "minus". The general "Plus" is put in the mouth, this is a prerequisite for the stimulation of stem cells.

Read more at the link:

Electrotherapy - positive and negative electrode.

Electrodes for electropuncture and neurotherapy are a separate topic, which is described in sufficient detail in the article: Electroacupuncture - design electrodes.

Neurotherapy - from simple to complicated.

The appearance of the device for neurotherapy is shown here:

Electrotherapy Device Manufacturing.

The above-mentioned electrical stimulators, including Hellas, can also process reflex zones, but with a less healing effect.

Neurotherapy is best done with neurostimulants. This is a specially created devices for the Neurotherapy.

Additional information on neurostimulators at the link:

Neurotherapy device NeuroN - Manufacturing.

Due to the complexity of the treatment, there can be no universal neurostimulants even theoretically.

For various diseases, you need to make a neurostimulator with an individual programmable algorithm of work. Frequencies, periods, currents, forms, should be optimal for a particular disease. Modern microprocessor electronics allows this to be done.

Here is a working diagram of a neurostimulator device on a microcontroller.

neurostimulator device on a microcontroller, part1.

neurostimulator device on a microcontroller, part2.

The neurostimulator has the following particular qualities:

There is a possibility of operational reprogramming. You can choose any desired treatment program and you can change it during the treatment process.

It has 12 electrodes, which is enough to solve any problems.

There is a pulse width switch. This makes it possible to select a soothing or energizing effect with one click button.

This is a photo of the electrodes of a neurotherapy apparatus.

Electrodes of a neurotherapy apparatus.

The electrodes are made of stainless steel. Common electrode "Plus" and 10-20 electrodes "Minus". The general "Plus" is put in the mouth, this is a prerequisite.

In the above schemes, you can add a battery discharge control module without sacrificing battery life.

Battery discharge control module for electro acupuncture - schematic.

The battery control circuit for electropuncture and neurotherapy devices should have a negligible energy consumption, so conventional circuits are not suitable.

Here is a chematic of a simple threshold device for monitoring the discharge of a battery. A feature of this device is a very low current consumption (1-2 microamps).

Device for monitoring the discharge of a battery.



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