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Qvicktron 03R separator - repair of LT1206.

Qvicktron 03R separator - photo.

Qvicktron 03R separator - design.

Qvicktron 03R separator - mateboard.

Metal separator is a device for removing metal impurities from bulk materials. Made on the principle of a metal detector and air gun.

The electronics box is located in a separate sealed compartment. Electronics assembled on the basis of the FPGA of the American corporation Actel. Actel develops FPGAs for use in commerce, industry, military and aerospace industries.

For repair, I quote the waveform of the signal on the metal detector coil. The output stage of the metal detector is made on a high-frequency integrated amplifier LT1206.

Qvicktronic 03R separator - LT1206.

In the Quicktron 03R separator, the most common defects are in the power supply, coil, and output stage of the metal detector. Coils can be set from other models, for this you need to redo the output stage of the separator metal detector according to the above diagram.

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