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Device RGVP - complex treatment cancer.

Device RGVP - complex treatment cancer.

I am a supporter of soft impact, currents of no more than 200mA. You can start from 50mA. Such currents most favorably affect the cells of the body.

Also, I advocate the use of coils as an enhancement (secondary) additive to the treatment and healing system that has been used for thousands of years.

In the technique of using coils, there are no secrets.

Coils work very well after a steam bath with a broom made of oak, or linden, or birch.

Bathing days are best done on a biblical weekend - Saturday, or Sunday. On a bath day, do not take food, it is a fasting day. Start drinking water only after swimming. Drink water only spring or distilled (not mineral). The bath day should be a rest and a cleansing and wellness post. In the bath is better to go at 12 o'clock.

Fat people and people after 60, in the evening before the bath day, should drink castor oil.

After the bath, lie down for 30-60 minutes, on a coil with a current of 50-100 mA. To enhance the effect, you can put a hot-water bag gum between the coil and the body.

With this method, an effective cleansing of the whole body takes place, in one day. Slag removal is comparable in strength with slag removal after 5-7 days of fasting on water.

The next day, the urine should go brown - black, but not more than one day.

If the urine is brown on the third day, the intensity or time of the procedures should be reduced.

If the urine is brown only on the morning of the second day, the intensity and time of the procedures can be increased.

I prefer to prevent illnesses, so I advise everyone to use the RGVP always, after the steam Russian bath. Very effective cleansing procedure. If this day to starve, the effect is enhanced several times. This is enough to never get sick.

In addition, in the mouth should not be sick teeth, tooth decay is a stench and disease.

The bedrooms should always have fresh air and the required humidity maintained by an ultrasonic automatic air humidifier.

I wish you all health and longevity!

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