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Arched metal detector MDS 16 - service repair.

MDS-16 is a stationary, 16-zone arched metal detector.

It manufactures the MDS and the Bastion metal detectors, design bureau "Radar-Leader", created in the city of Tomsk in 2005. Radar-Leader became part of the research and innovation complex of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics (TUSUR).

MDS-16 works on the principle of pulsed induction (Eng. Pulse Induction, PI) with spaced coils. It has 16 receiving and 16 transmitting coils.

The principle of operation of the PI detector is the reception by the receiving coil, for several milliseconds, of eddy currents from an object excited by a powerful short pulse of the transmitting coil. The PI method has been known since the 1960s.

The advantage of the PI method:

The ability to build high-quality multi-zone systems.
Independence from coil vibrations.

Flaws of PI method:

Large level of radio interference.
No discrimination by type of metals.

The use of high-performance microcontrollers and high-speed signal processors in MDS metal detectors, such as programmable 200 megahertz logic, a microcontroller for precision processing of analog signals with the ARM7 core, which is a complete data acquisition and processing system, made on a singles chip, allowed to create multi-zone devices with a uniform diagram sensitivity with a minimum of detail. And digital processing has significantly improved detection probability and noise immunity due to more sophisticated filtering algorithms.

The functional purpose of the microcircuits in the arched metal detector MDS-16.

Metal Detector MDS 16 - Motherboard Top View.

MEGA16 and a quartz resonator at a frequency of 11.0592 is an RS485 port.

ADUM1201 and LP2950 - FPGA is a peripheral service.

EPM3032 - programmable logic operating at 200 MHz.

The ADUC7026 is a microcontroller for precision processing of analog signals with the ARM7 core.

ADM708 - reset circuit for ADUC7026.

MAX660 is a monolithic voltage inverter with charge pumping, converts voltages in the range of + 1.5V to + 5.5V to the corresponding output voltages of -1.5 V to -5.5 V. For data exchange ports and ADUC7026 operation logic.

ILD207 - Paired high-speed optocouplers for isolating of output voltage.

FR5305 - MOSFET (P-channel).

The ADG252 and OP262 are a high-speed analog multiplexer and a high-speed low-noise op-amp representing the input stage for receiving coils.

Paired 9-pin connectors in the lower corners of the board for connecting the receiving and transmitting coils.

The transmitting coils are connected to the drain of the transistors FR5305, as indicated in the figure, 2-9 the pin connected to 1-8 transistor. Top row.

When troubleshooting, be sure to check all the low-impedance resistors of the input dividers of the receiving coils.

On the reverse the motherboard of the MDS-16 arched metal detector , we check these elements:

Metal Detector MDS 16 - motherboard Bottom View.

N05B - SMD voltage regulator 5V.

BL - SMD N-P-N transistor.

SMD tantalum electrolytic capacitors.

FR024 - MOSFET (N-channel).

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