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Arched metal detector MDS 16 - power block repair.

Arched metal detector MDS 16 - power block repair.

MDS 16 - power block repair.

"АПЧиФ" - automatic djustment of frequency and phase.

The power block of the arched detector MDS-16 consists of a transformer, a rectifier, stabilizer, an inverter converter KAM0705, a phase-locked loop on a specialized chip HEF4046B and a microcontroller MEGA8.

The analog part of the power unit of the arch detector is not difficult.

But the built-in inverter module 5-volt power supply KAM0705, quite often goes out of order.

KAM0705 is not collapsible. It is filled with epoxy compound and cannot be repaired.

When repairing, the KAM0705 module should be replaced with a new one.

Articles on the device and repair of the arched detector MDS-16.

Arched Ceia detector - service repair.

KAM0705 in arched metal detector MDS-16.

Arched metal detector MDS 16 - service repair.

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