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Electrotherapy - positive and negative electrode.

Electro Acupuncture Device PoinT.

In electroacupuncture it is important to choose the general dot. The dot relative to which all dots of the body will be stimulated.

In electroacupuncture, it is customary to take an arm or leg for general dot. This method is ineffective.

Current pulses in the human body spread in a current conducive environment.

A current conductive environment of the body is all fluids and moist mucous membranes.

If a cavity with a mucous membrane (mouth, vagina, anus) is taken as a common dot, the healing effect increases significantly. This general dot works for both the left and the right side of the body. With this method, even tissue regeneration can be achieved.

Is the COM electrode - positive or negative?

In neurotherapy and electroacupuncture, the COM (common) electrode should always be with only positive potential (Plus). Positive electrode should be one.

The manipulation (healing) electrode should always be negative (minus) and be applied alternately to certain zones.

The interaction of potentials in the human body.

There are no permanent levels and signs (plus or minus) of potentials in the body.

In relation to the language, the potentials vary according to the following algorithm.

In a state of harmony on the surface of the skin there is a positive (Plus) potential of up to several hundred microvolts. The magnitude of this potential is an indicator of health.

In a state of disharmony (cut, bruise, burn, pain ...) in this skin area instantly appears negative (Minus) potential of up to several hundred microvolts. The magnitude of this potential is an indicator of vitality.

Negative (Minus) potential is the potential of the body's response to recovery processes.

The stronger and longer the response potential (Minus), the faster the healing effect, the faster the harmony is restored.

When to apply electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy is the effect of an electric current on the body's tissues.

Electrotherapy is used to quickly restore the processes of passage of biological impulses through the body, without the use of medical supplies.

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