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Electroacupuncture - design electrodes.

Electrodes for electroacupuncture and neurotherapy are more complex in design than the devices themselves. There are many design options, but there are very few successful and convenient designs.

The success of treatment depends on the design and functionality of the electrode.

One successful design of a manipulation electrode for electrotherapy will be briefly discussed in this article.

Electroacupuncture - design electrodes.

The photo shows the appearance of the working electrode of the device neurotherapy and electroacupuncture.

The manipulator has:

The needle electrode for point effects.

Electrode tubular, for zone exposure.

Vibrator - Massager.

Two Batteries.

Switch of the vibrating massager.

This design of the electrode is convenient to use as a neurological hammer.

The tubular electrode has a niche in the end, for filling with cotton wool. It works as an increase in conductivity and, in some cases, as electrophoresis. If cotton wool soaked with salt water or medicine.

This design is not the most difficult. If necessary, it can be supplemented with an electrode with a LED, an electric chopper, a generator, a microcontroller, etc.

The design of the manipulator depends on what we need to achieve. The main thing is to understand how the principle of operation of the device affects the treatment process.

For example.

For a needle electrode you need a shorter exposure time. The needle electrode is good to handle moles, zones, calluses, non-sensitive areas. It is convenient to treat the zone if regeneration of tissues and organs is required, etc.

The tubular electrode is good for neurotherapy, approximate attachment to acupuncture points. Good to use as electrophoresis, etc.

For electrostimulators intended only for neurotherapy, that is, for work with reflex zones, the electrodes are made simply from plates of a non-magnetic stainless steel.

Like in this photo.

Electroacupuncture - electrodes for neurotherapy.

A common electrode with a positive potential (Plus), should be pressed against the tongue. It is convenient to make this electrode from a piece of copper wire. The wire can be taken from the cable for computer networks (UTP-4P-Cat.5). Before use, remove the insulation. It is fast, convenient, disposable and sterile.

Like in this photo.

Electroacupuncture - cable UTP-4P-Cat.5

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