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MRI repair - Ring gantry, service and lubrication.

MRI repair -  Ring gantry, service and lubrication.

How to lubricate Ring gantry MRI? There is a problem specifically created by equipment suppliers on the Internet. Actually it is easy.

For MRI machines can be used as a ready-made lubricant, and self-made. Lubricants should be used only with molybdenum additives, also nanodisperse fraction , or nanoceramic fraction. Nano Lubrication is easy to do yourself.

Mobilith SHC™ Series greases provide excellent adhesion, structural stability, and resistance to water, helping to reduce your maintenance costs and improve profitability.

Grease, Extended life, Corrosion protection, Extreme pressure, Wide temperatures, Lithium complex, Severe operating conditions, Enhanced wear protection

High-quality lithium greases that have a range of penetration of 260-300 units are suitable. For example Lubricants of US concern ExxonMobil, Mobilith SHC Series.


Mobilgrease XHP 222 grease.

Mobilgrease XHP 222, is a high-quality lithium complex-based lubricant designed for various applications. The developers were given the task of creating a family of greases based on a lithium complex, produced using the latest patented technology that would meet the latest requirements of equipment manufacturers and would be superior to traditional products in their properties.



Chevron Corporation is the second after Exxon Mobil US company.

Chevron Coupling Grease grease.

Brown sticky grease with high adhesive properties, produced on the basis of high viscosity base oil, lithium thickener, rust and oxidation inhibitors, as well as extreme pressure and tackiness polymer additives. Designed for all types of high-speed elastic couplings lubricated with grease, and specially designed with enhanced protection against oil release by centrifugal forces in high-speed gear or mesh couplings.


Chevron Delo Synthetic Grease SF grease.

Highly effective lubricant, specially developed for trailer wheels, even when operating at extremely high and low temperatures, as well as if oil is required with an extended replacement interval. It has a wide range of operating temperatures, it also provides reliable protection of your equipment due to a whole package of effective additives, including organ-moths, which protect against rust, oxidation, wear of parts, and also significantly increase the lubricant replacement interval even when operating under high pressure and temperatures. Effective for lubrication of industrial equipment bearings.


Chevron SRI Grease NLGI-2 grease.

High-quality lubricant based on polycarbide (polyurea) complex. It has excellent temperature and water resistance. Can be used as a "lubricant for life" (in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations). It is used for lubrication of rolling bearings operating at high speeds (10 000 min-1 and above).


Chevron Ulti-Plex Synthetic Grease EP NLGI-1.5 Lubricant.

A synthetic lubricant specially developed for use in extreme pressure conditions, operating at high and low temperatures. Ideal for lubricating systems that require extended lubrication intervals - for mining equipment, for off-road construction equipment in steel and ship equipment.

Lubricant Additives.

MoS2 additive for Lubrication.

MRI repair -  MoS2 additive for Lubrication.

It is necessary to add MoS2 - molybdenum disulfide to Mobilith SHC Series grease, it is used as a solid high-temperature grease. MoS2 has unsurpassed slipping.

If MOS2 is black (i.e. natural mineral), then the additive is 1 gram per 1 kg of lubricant.

If MOS2 is organic (MoDTC, MoDTP), then the additive is 0.1 grams per 1 kg of lubricant.

The MoDTC it is a dithiocarbamate.

The MoDTP it is a dithiophosphate.

Nano additive for Lubrication.

A good and inexpensive nano disperse additive is FORUM. Russia Vladivostok city.

MRI repair - the additive is FORUM.

The FORUM is a Fluoride Organic Ultra Dispersed Material.

The FORUM is the only additive, that has received admission to the State military equipment.

Nano additive for Lubrication.
Forsan Pro Russia, Mytishchi city.

MRI repair - the Forsan Nanoprotech.

Nano Lubrication - Forsan Nanoprotech.
Nano additive for Lubrication.

Nanoprotech Ukraine, Kiev city.

MRI repair - the Nanoprotech Universal.

Nano Lubrication - Nanoprotech Universal

Nano additive for Lubrication.

Megafors Ukraine, Dnepr city.

MRI repair - the Megafors Consistent.

Nano Lubrication - Megafors Consistent. Lubrication can 1 Kg.

Nano additive for Lubrication.

HADO Ukraine, Kharkov city.

MRI repair - the HADO 300.

MRI repair - the HADO 60K.

The HADO is the Kharkov Automobile and Road Institute.
Nano Lubrication - HADO 300, HADO 60K.

Nano Lubrication - advantages:

Increases the performance of mechanisms.
Reduces energy costs.
Significantly reduces noise and vibration.
Reduces radial clearance and axial play in bearings.
Increases bearing accuracy class.
Reduces the operating temperature of the nodes.

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