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X-ray Camera Repair - the tube no voltage.

X-ray Camera Repair - the tube no voltage.

As a rule, the smaller the X-ray Camera, the more often it breaks. X-ray Cameras are very gentle in handling. She is do not like sudden changes in temperature. After each frame, the device should cool down. She fear overload.

X-ray cameras often fail with the power supply circuit and the x-ray tube. At what, failures happen, both in low-voltage and high-voltage circuits.

Repairing high voltage circuits at 40-60kV is difficult. They are in a sealed tube - a screen in which oil is poured for insulation and cooling. To get to them, you need to disassemble the entire apparatus.

Often, high-voltage capacitors in multipliers become unusable as well as failure of the film resistors.

Film resistors are single and combined, as in the photo. The wide strip, this is a 14 k? resistor, narrow, which is zigzagged, this is a 200 M? resistor. Just at 200M, it is beaten with high voltage, charred black dots, circled in oval.

X-ray Camera Repair R=200MOhm

Such a defect is eliminated by stripping the resistive layer from a part of the board and in the cleared corridor, SMD resistors in series of 10-50 M? are soldered in series. One row is enough. You can also solder other types of resistors, with a tolerance of 5-10 percent, as in the photo.

Some types of resistors are shown in the photo.

X-ray Camera Repair resistors photo

Large, of the glass, is a vacuum highly stable resistor brand KVM. KVM is Composite Vacuum Megaohmic. KVM resistors are designed to work in measuring circuits where increased accuracy is required.

The process of replacing the X-Ray tube is not difficult. Describe no need.

X-Ray Tubes should be searched in the manufacturers' catalogs. Chinese pipes are better not to take.

For example, many small-sized X-ray tubes are made by the American firm Oxford Instruments. These x-ray tubes are characterized by high flux density and good spot size stability.

Photos of small-size X-ray tubes, which are used in X-ray cameras.

8. RADII Stationary X-Ray Tube KL21SB-0.7-70 , Hangzhou Kailong X-Ray

X-Ray Tube KL21SB-0.7-70

7. X-Ray Tube OX-70-g4 Brand New.

X-Ray Tube OX-70-g4 Brand New

6. Varian Industrial X-Ray Tube VF-50J VF50J or VF50J-RHS.

X-Ray Tube VF-50J VF50J or VF50J-RHS

5. oxford instruments x-ray tube XYTF5011 target material-W.

x-ray tube XYTF5011

4. X-rays with a Beryllium-window tube.

Beryllium-window tube.

3. Sirona Galileos Dental X-Ray Digital Cone Beam Tube 3D Panoramic Head - Siemens rreng3

Sirona Galileos Dental X-Ray Digital Cone Beam Tube 3D.

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