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Short-wave diathermy machine - repair.

Short-wave diathermy machine - lamp GU19, modes of direct current.

Short-wave diathermy machine - repair.

1 foot - minus 70V at 15W and minus 100V at 30W.
2 foot - plus 120V.
3 leg - free.
4 leg - free.
5 leg - minus 50-60V.
6 leg - body.
7 leg - body.
8 Glow. Passport data 5.7 - 6.9 AC voltage at a current of 2A.
Anode voltage plus 400V.

Check the voltage of the filament for the first 3 seconds after switching on, while the lamp is cold, before the emission in the cathode.

The GU-19 lamp is a double beam tetrode for generating, amplifying and multiplying the frequency of high-frequency oscillations in the frequency range up to 500 MHz. Design - glass, without base.

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