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Surgical laser Lancet 1 - scheme and structure.

Surgical laser Lancet 1 - scheme and structure.

Scheme of the Surgical laser Lancet-1 and Lancet -2.

Description of the design of the laser LHA Lancet - 1 and Lancet - 2.

In the surgical laser devices Lancet - 1 and Lancet - 2, an original sealed-off laser resonator of the U shape of the Tula Instrument Design Bureau, designed specifically for compact laser medical devices, is used. The developers were awarded the USSR State Prize.

Laser design:

Wave single-frequency (single-mode) resonator of the U type for a CO2 laser with a square waveguide section. U-shaped design allowed for the same optical length of the waveguide and 2 times shorter body length. The resonator has an attenuation coefficient of oscillations below 10 microns.

Because of its small size, the resonator has a small volume of gas, which serves as the active medium for the laser beam. Therefore, it has a small (1000-2000, in new designs up to 5000 hours) service life.

The volume of the sealed gas chamber of the laser is 3-5 liters. CO2: N2: He: Xe = 1: 1: 3: 0.3 gas, pressure 0.75 meter of water column, or 0.07 Bar, or 1.063 atm.

Excitation of the laser generator - high-frequency voltage, frequency 30 MHz. HF excitation power 250W with a quarter wave 50ti ohm load matching.

The method of controlling the power of the laser radiation - high-frequency modulation of the excitation of the active medium with optical feedback.

Errors of the laser device Lancet-1 or Lancet -2 and their elimination is described in the article: Surgical laser Lancet-1 - Error 4 Repair.

Article on the repair of the surgical laser: VersaPulse Laser - Small Power Repair.

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