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X-ray PLX102 repair - tube replacement.

X-ray PLX102 repair - tube replacement.

The stationary X-ray machine PLX 102 uses an X-ray tube model XD3-3.5/100.

XD3-3.5 / 100 is a glass X-ray tube with a fixed reinforced tungsten anode, with dual focus. Guaranteed work - at least 7000 hours.

A large monoblock has an increased heat capacity, allowing the tube to work without interruption for a long time.

X-ray tube when replacing wipe well with alcohol and do not touch your hands.

After replacing the x-ray tube, it is necessary to rinse the monoblock with a new transformer oil with a breakdown voltage of at least 60 kV.

Transformer oil is poured only after removing moisture. Transformer oil for X-ray tubes should be taken from companies that have equipment to remove moisture from the oils.

The first 10 20 photographs should be taken in small modes, with a slow increase in current and voltage.

If at maximum power the 20 A fuse blows out, rinse the candy bar and replace the oil again, taking it from other suppliers.

The fuse burns out in the event of a current arc in bad oil.

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