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Surgical laser Lancet-1 - Error 4 Repair.

Surgical laser Lancet-1 - Error 4 Repair.

Surgical laser Lancet-1 shows error 4 when the laser is dead.

Error 4 possible causes:

If in case of an error the controller of the device responds to pressing the control buttons, then: Power problems. Or the adjustment of mirrors got off. Or no entry in permanent memory. Or there is no command signal to turn on the pump generator from the control panel.

If there are power problems, you need to check the supply voltage and look at the filtration quality with an oscilloscope. There may be bad electrolytic capacitors.

If there is no record in memory, you can try to change the KR580BB55A chip.

Usually, with a burnt-out chip, there are no manually set operating modes.

The reason for the failure of the chip can be the lack of + 5V supply voltage, or poor filtering.

If in case of an error, the controller of the device does not respond to pressing the control buttons, then cooling systems, control sensors, and mirror adjustment are added to the list of problems.

The scheme of a surgical Laser Scalpel is in the article: Surgical laser Lancet-1 scheme and structure.

Rules of operation of medical lasers.

The laser must not be turned off during operation. Most damage to laser devices is related to power quality. Even sparking in the outlet can lead to serious damage.

All lasers are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity, especially to jumps. When condensation of moisture on the elements of the optics burn lenses and mirrors. It is not desirable to operate lasers at temperatures in rooms above 25 and below 10 degrees Celsius, despite what is written in the instructions. For ventilation, a lot of air should be suitable for the laser, the ventilation holes should not be close to the wall.

Laser devices are sensitive to mechanical stress. With shocks and jolts, the adjustment of mirrors, lenses, and crystals in waveguides, in laser tubes, and generators is lost. This is manifested at a minimum by the loss of power of the laser beam.

Article on the repair of the surgical laser: VersaPulse Laser - Small Power Repair.

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