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Hamilton G5 Ventilator - Error 5507 - Repair.

Hamilton G5 Ventilator - Repair.

The HAMILTON-G5 is modular mechanical ventilator.

The HAMILTON-G5 ventilator is designed for intensive care ventilation of adult and pediatric patients, and optionally infant and neonatal patients.

In the Hamilton G5 Medical Ventilators, during operation, there are errors in the mixing unit associated with pressure, valves, and servo motors.

In the Hamilton G5 Medical Ventilator, in the event of a mixing system malfunction, an alarm sounds on the ventilation unit and an alarm error is displayed on the screen that is written to the event log.

Hamilton G5 Ventilator - Error 5507 - Repair.

The basic test errors of the mixing node are:

TF 5505
TF 5506
TF 5507

These errors may also be due to a malfunction of the sensor controller board.

Error Identification:

Calibrate the mixing unit.
Run a validation test.
View event log.

If the test fails, the reason is probably as follows:

Sensor control board.

Another article on the Medical Ventilator SERVO repair: Medical Ventilator SERVO - Mixer Error Repair.

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