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Point Nix 3D Combi - soft and hard installation.

Point Nix 3D Combi - soft and hard installation.

Included with the Point Nix 3D is the original proprietary software, which is enough for a detailed study of the saved image.

A proprietary set of software from Point Nix includes a number of necessary programs, patches and drivers for connecting the tomograph to a computer and installing additional equipment (for example, a cephaloscopic module, etc.) and software the X-ray Cabinet. The proprietary software package also includes a program for working with the patient's client base.

The software package for Point Nix 3D comes with a separate portable soft. This is a multisystem software viewer that is copied to DVD discs for clients. With this viewer, any doctor can view photos in detail on his computer with any operating system.

The main program for the Point Nix 3D tomograph is CDX-Viev.

The CDX-Viev program includes:

Work with customer base.
Work on the images.
Work with a video camera.
Work with cephalostat.
The tomograph mode in the TMJ (Temporo mandibular Joint - TMJ).

The following programs are included in the Point Nix software package:

CDX-Viev (Harmony Clinic).
Real Scan - viewer.
Xelis Dental 3D - an additional software package.

Xelis Dental 3D includes software tools such as:

3D Cube.
3D cross-section.
3D endoscopy.
3D modeling of implantation.

After installing the original software for the Point Nix 3D Combi tomograph, the following steps should be performed: Registration on the manufacturer's website.

Installation software protection modules (HASP SL).

Installation individual USB-keys (HASP HL), providing hardware protection for licensed software.

Installation hardware devices and drivers for them.

In the window "Image Capture" specify all the paths to the devices.

Configure the software in the settings menu.

After proper execution of the installation and configuration algorithm, all programs will work long and smoothly.

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