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Point Nix 3D Combi - PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 errors.

If the Point Nix 3D Combi 500 scanner shows PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 errors, this is defects of the focusing and positioning block.

Point Nix 3D Combi - focusing and positioning block.

Or x-ray tube defects.

Point Nix 3D -x-ray tube.

The focusing and positioning block of the Point Nix 3D Combi 500 tomograph is a controlled power supply block for an x-ray tube.

The Point Nix 3D Combi 500 tomograph the focusing and positioning block - defects.

- Wires and not quality contacts.
- Electromechanical relays.
- Aging oil.
- Violation of the sealing of the oil unit X-ray tube.
- Leakage of oil from the X-ray tube.
- Breakdown of high-voltage transformers in the oil unit X-ray tube.
- Defect x-ray tube.
- Aging X-ray tube.

Causes of damage to the positioning block such as in the article: Pointnix 3d combi 500 - power block.

They must be identified and eliminated before repairing the unit.

After repair Point Nix 3D Combi 500, it is necessary to check the radiation level.

Articles about repairing the dental scanner a Point Nix 3D Combi:

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