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RGVP from Medical Coils - history of development.


Now on the Internet for the request "Healing Coils" displays hundreds of options for schemes and design solutions. All proposed designs are made on remote sensors - emitters.

These are photos of the first experimental versions of Medical Coils. What they were. How it all began All of them still walk across the expanses of the Internet. Now we can say that such constructions work, but they are not effective, of course, if we compare them with modern devices, for example, with RGVP. But as stimulating, they are quite possible to apply.

Here is a series of photographs of the sensors of the static field of the Medical Coils, this is second stage of development of this technology. Here the coils are already more efficient, but all of the above disadvantages remain.

The photograph is highlighted in green, this is device RGVP, this is the first option, he is without a microprocessor.

Remote sensors of medical coils have the following disadvantages:

1. The largest amplitude - frequency instability.
2. They are very dependent on the distance to the body.
3. The Have large losses in the connecting cable.
4. They Have big losses.
5. They stop working from a sweat, a couple, a pressure.
6. The complexity of the settings.
7. Lowest reliability.
8. There is no possibility to get stable frequencies.
9. On the remote coils it is impossible to obtain stable necessary frequencies resulting from the signals beating.
10. They Work no more than one year.
11. It is not possible to customize the spatial shape of the generated field.

For more information about Healing Coils, see the link at the beginning of the article.

We have eliminated all the listed disadvantages by making the coil and the generator in one case, as in this photo of the RGVP device.

RGVP - view device.

RGVP from Medical Coils - history of development.

In the photo, the device RGVP, made by the new technology, with microcontroller control, taking into account all the developments for several years.

Let's make under the order medical coils with necessary parameters.

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