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Electroacupuncture Device Point - Manufacturing.

Electroacupuncture Device Point.

Electroacupuncture Device Point is versatile, multi-functional device. Designed to restore the electrical potential of the body. It is convenient for them to work both in the mode of electro-puncture, and in the mode of electrotherapy. It has a complex, efficient, multi-functional manipulator, which is convenient and pleasant to work for a long time.

Device for electropuncture PoinT has:

Four operating modes of direct current, included on the device.

Four operating modes of pulse current, included on the device.

Sensitive arrow indication.

Electrode manipulator - application options:

Like a neurological hammer.

Like a massage vibrator.

Like a needle electrode.

Like a tubular electrode.

As an electrode with a wet swab.

Like electrophoresis.

Batteries last for a year of operation of the electrostimulator.



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