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Electroacupuncture Device ELLADA 7 - Manufacturing.

Electroacupuncture Device - ELLADA-7.

Electroacupuncture device ELLADA-7 see scheme.

ELLADA -7 professional, medical-acupuncture, diagnostic apparatus, abbreviated as "ELLADA", is intended for laboratory studies on acupuncture, as well as for work in clinics and home conditions.

ELLADA-7 is a new electroacupuncture apparatus, it introduces a fundamentally new way of influencing acupuncture points. This is the heating point of infrared radiation. The second fundamental innovation is that a point can be simultaneously affected and diagnosed. This method may be revolutionary in acupuncture.

ELLADA-7 has just been developed, but research has shown that it can be used to prove hitherto uncertain and controversial hypotheses. In particular, the question of the existence of acupuncture points, the mechanism of influence on a point and changes in electric potential at a point.

The new device allows finding points by the traditional method: by conductivity, as well as by biopotential. Three main waveforms are applied to the impact: a sine wave, a triangle, a rectangle and the forms based on them. In addition, it is possible to conduct exposure to direct current. The infrared emitter emits a narrow beam of infrared waves with a maximum power of 100 mW. This is pretty solid power. for example, it can be compared with the microwave radiation, which with the same power is received by the receiver at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Depending on the set mode, the radiation can be constant or pulsed.

Basic technical data "ELLADA-7". following:

- current search for conductivity no more than 0.1 mcA;

- search current by biopotential is not more than 0.01 mcA;

- treatment current of 1 sub-band 100 mcA;

- 2 subranges 500 mcA;

- The maximum treatment voltage is 24 V;

- period generator period / GP / - 50s, 20s, 10s, 2s, lc, 0.5s, 0.2s, 0.1s, 0.05s, 0.02s, 0.01s, 5ms, 2ms, 1ms, 0.5ms, 0, 2ms, 0.1ms, (optional, you can add);

- the frequency generator of the frequency filling depends on the period of the period generator and is smoothly rebuilt in this period, which is from I to 100 oscillations;

- the device is powered from 220 V;

- power consumption not more than 6 watts.



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