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Micromassage device AM1 - Manufacturing.

Micromassage device AM1.

The micromassage device is intended for therapeutic and prophylactic use in pain syndromes of various origins:
when diseases of the nervous system;
when relieving mental and muscle fatigue;
when headaches;
in order to prevent diseases;
for keep the body in shape;
for all diseases associated with the nervous system;
with all the pains;
in cardiovascular diseases;
for rheumatism treatment;
with all arthritis;
to enhance the excretion of milk during breastfeeding;
for skin tightening;
to remove cellulite;
to increase potency in men;
to enhance libido;
to restore childbearing in women;
significantly accelerates recovery from viral and bacterial diseases.

The micro-massage apparatus carries out through the skin stimulation with an alternating pulsed current of sound frequency to the painful areas and reflex-segmental areas of the body.

Scope of the Micro massage device AM1:
In sports;
at home;
in medicine;
in cosmetology;
for massage;
for the treatment and prevention of disease.

Micro massage device AM1 эксплуатируется в следующих условиях:
температура окружающего воздуха 0-45 градусов;
относительная влажность воздуха до 80%;


The range of adjustment of the amplitude value of the output pulses is from 0 to 160V.

The duration of the output pulses is 0.5 amplitude value 0.05 ms.

The repetition frequency of the input pulses is 300 Hz.

The maximum value of the output current at a load of 1 k? is not more than 40mA.

Power supply of the device from the internal power source with a voltage of 9V.

Current consumption not more than 80mA.

Overall dimensions of mm: length - 90; width - 60; height - 20.

Weight - 100g.

Power consumption not more than 0.2W.

Time of continuous work from the crown of the type "Corundum" for at least 10 hours.

Average service lines - 10 years.

The procedure for working with the device micro massage.

Before starting work, wipe the electrodes with a cloth moistened with disinfectant solution.

By turning the potentiometer knob clockwise, turn on the device in working condition, the operation indicator should be lit. Smooth rotation of the knob to achieve a tingling sensation and massage the painful areas for 3-5 minutes.

The mode of use of the device - 10 minutes of work - 1 minute break.

The device is irreplaceable at dachas, for tourists, athletes. In addition to the necessary zones, massage the places of the corresponding acupuncture points by applying a micro massager or rotating it around its axis.

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