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Auto Multimeter APPA 25, 23 - Repair and Troubleshooting.

Auto Multimeter APPA 25, 23.

Automotive multimeter APPA 23, 25 Taiwanese firm APPA, is a professional-level device. APPA ranks second in the world in terms of production of multimeters and clamp-on ammeters.

Multimeter APPA 23, 25 has the basic automotive modes.

Duty Cycle - measurement of the pulse ratio in percent.

Dwell Test - measurement of the angle of the closed state of the contacts (ignition advance angle) in degrees for 4, 5, 6, 8 cylinders.

Lo TACH - tachometer for idle speeds, up to 2000 turns.

Hi TACH - 1/10 tachometer, for maximum revolutions, up to 10,000 revolutions.

Lambda probe test - on the 2V range of constant voltage (inscription Point).

If the mode switch is not used, the multimeter automatically turns off after approximately 30 minutes.

Malfunctions of a multimeter APPA 23, 25: or open or short circuits of input voltage limit dividers.

For ease of repair, I provide a photo of the board input resistive dividers.

Auto Multimeter APPA 25, 23 - Repair and Troubleshooting.

After replacing, well rinse the soldering area with alcohol.

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