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Strokes and the device RGVP.

Strokes and the device RGVP.

A stroke is a medical condition in which poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death.

RGVP - a static field generator helps to quickly remove post-stroke slags from the body, while well-being improves quickly, the recovery process is faster.

One of the advantages of RGVP - the device stimulates the work of cells and muscles. At the same time, healthy cells are strengthened, and painful cells are destroyed and removed by muscles and excretory systems.

The only condition, before using the RGVP apparatus, is to start cleansing the skin, kidneys, liver, urine of the excretory apparatus, with the help of herbal teas, in a few days. The skin is well cleaned with wet wraps.

Preliminary cleansing of the body is necessary so that the body has time to remove excreted slags. Since the use of RGVP activates the withdrawal of excreted slags from cells and tissues.

The complex use of the device of RGVP and the listed procedures, accelerates rehabilitation after strokes several times.

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